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Customers of the former Connecticut Limousine say the new company, CT Limo, will not honor the tickets that were sold before the company closed May 1.

News 12 is told customers have to contact their credit card companies to get a refund.

Customers say they are frustrated with the situation.

“I made round-trip reservations with Connecticut Limo,” says Tawana Pimentel. “I called four days ago to find out the business has closed. No limousine services and have no way of getting my money back and no way to see my grandkids.”

Connecticut Limo tells News 12, “Noons Limo LLC purchased Connecticut Limo on May 1, and we will not be honoring any reservations made after that date. The problem is, the former owner continued booking group reservations after the sale, even though CT Limo, as we are now called, will only be providing single rides. CT Limo regrets any inconveniences caused by the former owner and encourages customers to contact their credit card companies to get a refund.”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal sits on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee and says he will be watching closely as customers try and get their money back for services they will never receive.
“My goal will be protecting consumers,” Blumenthal says. “And I hope to hear from any who have been denied prompt service.”

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